Adventures Of The West Coast Nerds 1

Adventures Of The West Coast Nerds 1

ok, this is a new story idea from Joe he writes them, i draw them. could be funny, could turn out dumb. knowing joe, it will be funny.

so in reading Neil Gaiman’s blog, i learned that the guy at put up a challenge for people to help him quit his job, to donate so he could do nothing but make comics. well, it fuckin worked, he raised $22,000 in a few days and quit his job. holy shit i want to do that. then again, hes been doing web-comics for 2 or 3 years, and ive been at it since November.

also, check this out.

if anyone cares, jn3 on City of Heroes is at lvl 23, almost 24, and Mrs Pinky Poo is up to 12, AAAARRRRGGGGHHH is 11, and Mr Pinky Poo is at 8. w00t.

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