so my dad didn’t have just one heart attack, he had 3. hes ok though, he is quitting smoking and drastically changing the way he is eating, so that’s good. i am too, i don’t want a heart attack at 25.

so i got a hold of Myke over at divine nation last week to see if he ever got the last y2cw strip i sent him, apparently he didnt. so i re-sent it and it should be up this week sometime. im glad to be back on that, i like doing work for that site, you should all join and be active members, its only $5.

i found this pretty cool, Garret showed me that.

so i was talking to trista tonight, online not on the phone sadly, and it made me happy. like normal. i so want to just go hang out with her, but fuck, things stop me, like distance. so if anyone wants to buy me a ticket to Billing , MT let me know!

there’s probably more i should be saying here, but im forgetting.

oh yeah, this strip marks the dawn of a NEW sketchbook for the strips to be drawn into, its back to the 8.5 x 11 inch pages i LOVE and not hte 8×10 pages i dont. so yay for that.

oh yeah, and for those of you keeping track, im lvl 16, almost lbl 17 in City of Heroes

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