Fan Mail Faked

Fan Mail Faked

howdy folks. today marks the 75th strip. nothing special for this strip, just me faking some fan mail. if i ever actually did get fan mail i would probably respond to it in a strip.

so i have a New Character coming to the y2christ-lite universe, and its name is Cindy. you will see her in strip 79.

i found this funny

and i thought this was pretty cool

so i have a devianart account, and i hardly use it. but i logged in the other day to find out that a painting of mine has been added to a few peoples favorites list that made me smile for a moment. then i see what Tim does and i realize how much i really suck balls.

well, im sitting here carving a drypoint print thingy and my sister is playing City of Heroes

ok thats all, back to my pointless existence carving this stupid drypoint.

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