so while i was gone, garret did a y2christ update for me, here and hes got a point, him walk? true true
garrets update:

So J is out of town, and has left the responsibility of updating his strip to me. But, due to internet restrictions and general laziness, its already almost 8pm that I’ve been able to get to this update.
So, this strip is about my quest to eat all sorts of baby animals. Its based partially on a true story. The only inconsistency between this strip and real life is that Gordy came to my house to drop off the cow. I mean, come on J, ME walk!? that’s exorcise..
So anyway, i hope you all enjoyed the strip. A baby cow died to make it.

anyways, I’m home from seaside.

feels good to be home, but i could of stayed down there for a lot longer time. its really fun there.

on a side not I’m cold.

so i have 33 emails in my in box, on 6 of them are ones i will read.

oh yeah, we had some fun photos taken down there, which i am going to use for a strip, hopefully tomorrows if i get to it, got some homework to do for tomorrow.

so while i was down there i had to share a bed with my 7 year old nephew and his dog. i found something out about a small child of 7 that is my nephew….he wants the whole queen sized bed. all of it. so much so that he kicks and hits while sleeping, and yells in his sleep to ASSURE that i don’t sleep.

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