Diphilac Terata

Diphilac Terata

what up niggas? here is a Gayrret only strip. ill tell you more about the history of it later when i write a commentary for this strip, but until then its a semi true story.

in other news, Dylan and i sat down tonight and figured out our entire Caitlin Day Vrs Y2christ saga. we now know who fights who, and who wins each battle, and let me tell you, you will NEVER guess who the winner is!

i still cant beleive it! oh, and so you know ALL the fights are random, who’s fighting who is random, and who wins each battle is random.

though you wont see any of those strips for a VERY long time, just thought i would mention them.

in other news i bought Anarchy Online and WWII Blitzkrieg Online for $2.99 each today, new sealed as well. and some ps2 and psx games for $1-$11 each, all new and sealed. sa-fuckin-weet man.

ok im out.
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↓ Transcript
Strip 61 (Diphalac Terata)
Characters: Garret, Melvin
Setting: Bust Stop and on a buss
Panel 1: Garret sitting at a bus stop texting.
Narrator: ‘and now a special moment with Garret’
Panel 2: A bus pulling up.
Panel 3: Garret texting getting on the bus.
Panel 4: Garret sitting on the bus texting
Panel 5: shot of Garrets crotch, it’s bulging.
Panel 6: Garrets penis splitting and multiplying into two.
Panel 7: Garret sitting on bus, still texting Random girl looks at him
Girl: ‘Ummm’
Panel 8: Close up of girl.
Girl: ‘Did you just sprout a second penis?’
Garret: ‘Dude I fuckin’ did!’
Panel 9: Garret looking at his two penis’ still texting.
Garret: ‘this is like an episode of Star Trek!’
Melvin: ‘Yeah, but I’m gay’
non-gay penis: ’shit’
Melvin: ‘Exactly!’

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