ZJs Y2cl The Movie Part 3

ZJs Y2cl The Movie Part 3

I love Joe’s interpritation of y2cl#38. I think it’s very fitting and a nice scene. One of the unsung heroes of the classic y2cl comics.

Again, big thanks to Mike Gordon from FAM and Joe Garcia from For The Reels.

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4 thoughts on “ZJs Y2cl The Movie Part 3

  • Beastlet

    this is why it is important to do your business at home before you go out. and in jn's case a little dynadouche probably wouldn't hurt. You know for when he 'accidentally' gets too drunk and 'accidentally' drops the soap in the shower where some guy is 'accidentally' getting ready to sodomize him.

    do we use that term anymore? sodomoize? i know that it's historically inaccurate, but it's such a great word

    • The Revenge

      sodomize is, to me, a great word. It should be used more in casual conversation.

      "Hey Jim, how'd last night treat you?"

      "Well Steve, You know, I ate that mexicano food, went home then was sodomized by my shit all night long"

  • Beastlet

    not to be over graphic..or maybe to intentionally be graphic…. does that mean the mexican food… re-entered? I'm never going to that place. that is sure enchiladas el diablo