A Poem By Joe

A Poem By Joe

well everybody, here is another ‘Fun With Joe’ strip. this one ALMOST stumped him, took him a week to come up with words to it, i think its funny, even how he calls me gay is mighty clever in it. bastard.

in other news, i saw hellboy, it rocked cock. i also watched my boss’s daughter, good flick, good definition of a bad day gone worse. and i watched dickey roberts former child star today, and i have to say i really enjoyed it.

i think i will do some painting, wait and see if Trista calls me, and watch some Serial Experiments Lain, or maybe some Star Trek TNG, who knows.

ta ta
peace out dog(im pretending im being a gangster)
(oh yeah, and expect more Jesus Triplet fun in the future!)
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↓ Transcript
Strip 55 (A poem by Joe)
written by Joe Onyskow
Characters: Dylan, JN, Tim, Nick, Garret, Calvin, Kepa
Setting: random
Panel 1: Dylan fighting goblins in Arizona
Over-text: ‘Dylan is fast and light
Panel 2: Tim flying off a rooftop with his Laptop 4000
Over-text: Tim is bright
Panel 3: Nick on a bridge with Trigun like arms fighting a goblin
Over-Text: Nick likes to play
Panel 4: Garret with a blade attached to his arm in the dark.
Over-text: JN, well you know
Garret (thought): ‘gay’
Panel 5: JN in he-man like outfit, overlaps panels 1-4, shadow overlaps panels 6-7
Panel 6: Calvin with beer burner back pack bruning a goblin on a bridge
Over-text: ‘Calvin makes bad guys fall’
Panel 7: Kepa hulked out with giant balls and tiny legs. Giant balls crushing goblins
Over-text: ‘Kepa likes to show at the mall’
Over-text: ‘what where you thinking?’

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