Leaving Las Vegas 0

Leaving Las Vegas 0

The first in a series of AMAZING Leaving Las Vegas comics. Now no worries, this really has NOTHING to do with the movie of the same name, I just stole it’s title and logo then modified it a little. This ZERO/cover page as made ONLY because it looked pretty!

Tomorrow there will be a Jim’s Gossip that talks about John and Kate Plus 8 and then I think I’m done on that topic. I still will watch the show but I don’t think I will comment on it in the comic. I’ll find something else for Jim to Gossip about.

Also I’ve stopped the y2cl-pimpadelic links for now. I’ll start them again later, but right now I’m trying to focus on getting the comics up and looking pretty.

I want to note that the car in this comic was drawn by Mike Leuszler from miketheartguy.com. I colored it though…quickly. And it’s a ’57 T-Bird. Elvis rides in STYLE.

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