today’s strip is another one that i drew, then gave to Joe to put words onto. he has another strip he is working on, but he is having trouble putting words to it, so i think i might have finally stumped him

in other news, i had a convention yesterday and Mike Grell drew me this amazing Morpheus picture, his first time drawing Morpheus too, damn its great.

that’s all for now children.until next time

also, the site has been transferred, and the new dynamic’ness of it is there, so enjoy a fully functional archives section with all 54 strips that have seen the light of day so far.

also, i saw Hellboy tonight, i loved it, great fucking movie. i think its the best i’ve seen all year.
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↓ Transcript
Strip 54 (ARGH!)
written by Joe Onyskow
Characters: JN, a ninja, an elephant, a tiger
Setting: Arizona
Panel 1: JN throwing a punch towards the camera
JN: ‘Wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!’
Panel 2: back of JN’s head, ninja on a pink flowery hover board approaches
JN: ‘What the hell?!?!’
Ninja: ‘dum de dum’
Panel 3: Ninja leaping at JN attacking with sword
Ninja: ‘You are on sacred Ninja ground!’
Panel 4: JN and the Ninja sipping tea in a room with a sleeping elephant and tiger. Odd void open in background.
Over-text: ‘Meanwhile..
Panel 5: Close up of Ninjas eyes
Over-text: ‘We now return you to our strip, already in progress…
Ninja: ARGH!
Panel 6: JN in cowboy outfit ridding off into Arizona moonset, Ninja dead on the road.
Over-text: ‘Whose fantasy was this? The boy? The ninja? The horse? An elephants dream? A sleeping kittens fantasy? One guy trying to stump another? The truth may never be known…’

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