Elvis Gets The Number

Elvis Gets The Number

Who saw that one coming? everyone? really? Am I that predictable that you can now predict where the story is going? I AM? FINE! just to show you up I will do something tomorrow and Friday that you WILL NOT EXPECT! No for reals, it will be great!

Today’s y2cl pimp-a-delic comic: Ardra by Jason Dunstan, Trevor Adams and Fesworks.

Check them out. Trevor was my replacement on LICD if you remember correctly from the first y2cl vidcast when I talked about that.

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4 thoughts on “Elvis Gets The Number

  • Jason

    Thanks for the plug…but we're the team behind Ardra, not Taka Comics! The link's right though, so it's all good.

    Gotta get around to adding you to our links page, along with one or two others.

  • The Revenge

    yeah..sorry about that! I've fixed it!

    posted this late at night and didn't change the name from the 'template' I copy and pasted from. woops!

    It's all right now though, so check out ARDRA now!