Jims Gossip 1

Jims Gossip 1

Dear Media,
I’ve been fighting the urge to make comments on the whole Jon and Kate cheating issue. My wife and I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 all the time and I really freakin’ enjoy the show. There have been comments about Jon being ‘distant’ on the show and Kate being a ‘chore’ of a woman and how she is a ‘nagging beast’ or whatever. To that I just want to say YOU HAVE 8 FREAKIN’ KIDS IN 4 YEARS. Gah, I could go on and on but the point is IF he is cheating that is no ones business but His and Kate’s. You media BASTARDS are dragging this family down. Go back to reporting about Britney Spears’ or some other celebrity the world shouldn’t care about but you report on their lives in such a way that even the READER feels DIRTY about it.
jhorsley3, the y2cl guy.

Today’s y2cl pimp-a-delic comic: Muddle Creek by Jerome Benedict.

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