y2cl#534 – FAM#1 Fun At The Bowling Alley
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y2cl#534 – FAM#1 Fun At The Bowling Alley

This is the very first Furry Animal Magic strip ever done! Today is September 1st, 2008 and this comic was completed back in 2006. The concept for this strip is based on the spray they use on bowling shoes to disinfect them after someone rents them. And yes, it really DOES say that it kills the HIV aids virus on hard surfaces.

That is what was posted on the old FAM website when this originally posted. Now since I have merged FAM into a y2cl presents (since that’s what it really was) You get to see it here!

The artwork in this is by Mike Gordon (who also illustrated a great book called Breakfast at Sally’s for Richard LeMieux) I colored this strip and helped write it.

Back when Mike and I did this comic I had intended on making it a ‘y2cl presents’ but never got around to it. Late last year I went sort of crazy and started all these ‘comics’ for some reason. I have since merged them all with y2cl with the exception of Fuzzy Memory which is supposed to update on Thursdays, but I’m a bad artist and miss the deadlines all the time. Fuzzy Memory and y2cl share a common thread that will be discovered soon.

Today is Saturday, which will be the unofficial day in which FAM will post. So every Saturday you can look forward to more insane furry magic from Mike and myself.

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