Crazy Asian Drivers 1

Crazy Asian Drivers 1

OK, I know! this one was late! It’s not my fault! I had planned to finish it last night before I went to bed, honest! I ended up spending (much needed) time with my wife cleaning up our room, watching some SVU, some crazy show about women who didn’t know they where pregnant and just talking. Then I fell asleep.

I got up this morning, booted up the ol’ laptop, started streaming on the newly created y2cl ustream page with faithful reader Deth_Invictus who helped get this page to flow. I was having a little trouble getting it right.

Now that that is all said, tomorrow will be another Inanimate strip, then Friday we will see the second part to this little sub story. Saturday will be the first ‘y2cl presents Furry Animal Magic’ and Sunday will be a new ‘Sergeant Blink and his Brigade of Fantastic’

And now, I go do laundry, like any successful comic artist would do at 10:30 on a Wednesday.

Oh yeah, I should note that in the first panel they guys are talking about Too Beautiful To live with Luke Burbank, Jen ‘Flash’ Andrews and Sean ‘Japans #1 Mixer’ Detore, which is a great radio show here in the Seattle Area. You can subscribe to them via iTunes, which I highly recommend.

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