Wheaton ECCC2

Wheaton ECCC2

Sadly this is true. BOTH the ATM machines ran out of money before I could pull any out to purchase a book from Wil Wheaton. Alas I had to suffice with simply standing back and taking a few pictures of him to prove I was there and almost asked him to be in y2cl.

My wife said I should have gotten in line and just asked him. I just couldn’t bring myself to do that without buying a book. That and I REALLY wanted a signed book. I know, I’m a dork like that.

On the plus side I did walk past him at the con and said ‘oh hey, that’s Wil Wheaton!’ to my wife after he walked by. Not even THINKING I could have asked him there and gotten a photo with him.

My quest to trick Wil Wheaton to be in y2cl continues. Those pictures I took of him in this comic don’t count.

For those keeping track, Wil has appeared in/been talked about in 4 y2cl comics.

This one and the following:
y2cl#320 – No Comic Con For You!
y2cl#454 – JMK 5.0
y2cl#484 – Wheaton ECCC

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