Quality Comics (LICD Parody)

Quality Comics (LICD Parody)

Man it’s been a long time since I’ve drawn Rayne Summers. Oh, didn’t you know? I was the artist on LICD back in 2002 before I backed out due to my inability to draw at the time.

If you look at the very first LICD comic I originally drew that comic for Sohmer back in November/December on 2002. I re-drew it I think 4 times before Sohmer was ‘ok with it’ but it was complete crap. I’ll post it this week end for you all to see as a special bonus comic, but really it’s terribly drawn. Sohmer is much better off with Lar.

That being said I hope you enjoy my little stabs at LICD, the last little parody will post on Friday, Saturday I’ll post the LICD comic that I drew way back before LICD was even a comic for everyone to see.

I wonder if Sohmer has seen it, or remembers it? I forgot that I was his artist many moons ago until last year, after reading LICD for a few months. I thought to myself ‘this seems awfully familiar… Then I checked my stack of art papers and found the old LICD comic.

Good stuff.

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