DWHI Part 1

DWHI Part 1

This comic was created for a cross over with Anything At All that was put into the works last summer but never got off the ground. I think I talked about this in a post previous to this one, but I feel the need to talk about it again.

I really wish this crossover would have panned out and happened, but Eric James wanted to take some time to focus on his comic and some other projects. No harm done.

This just means that I can now re-direct these comics into a NEW crossover event that will be awesome of the awesome! This crossover is so big that the comic I am crossing over with DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT! Who will it be? You will find out next Monday!

Also, you should know that y2cl will be updating EVERY DAY THIS WEEK! This will become more common practice here on y2cl as this year continues and will eventually (by 2010) be all the time!

Well, that’s all the write up I’m doing on this comic. See you tomorrow!

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