I’m Not SyFy

I’m Not SyFy

Well ain’t this some shit! Sci-Fi channel, you have officially jumped the shark. Not only do you play shitty movies not fit for the free box, but now you want us to accept your stupid ass new spelling of Sci-Fi to SyFy. I for one will now officially watch EVEN LESS Sci-Fi Channel then before, and since that was about 0% of my overall TV Time, Sci-Fi, or SyFy as you are now, officially are on notice that you own me money. (I would say time, but time is money and I prefer it above all else.)

Now that that little rant is overwith, allow me to inform you where the screenshot on Garrets computer comes from. It’s from none other then fan-favorite webcomic ‘I’m Not Bob‘. I was informed of this name change from him on twitter, so it’s only fitting that I reference his comic and credit him.

Oh yeah, I’m totally referencing y2cl#95 in this comic.

I think I’ve said enough here.

Peace out homies.

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