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↓ Transcript
Strip 47 (Hidalgo)
Characters: JN, Nick and Jeff
Setting: The house, Nicks Desk and the Movie Theater.
Panel 1: JN on the phone to Jeff
JN: ‘Yo..aight, I’ll pick you up in 20 mins.’
Nick (off panel): ‘Who was that?’
Panel 2: Nick sitting at his desk
JN (off panel): It was Jeff, he wants to see a movie, he’s paying’
Nick: ‘Let’s go see Hidalgo, it’s gonna ROCK!’
Panel 3: a road, with a sign that reads ‘Nick is Gay’
OVER-TEXT: ‘Pretend there is a car drawn here ok? I suck at cars. So I’m leaving it up to your imagination.’
Panel 4: JN, Nick and Jeff coming out of the theater.
JN: ‘See, I told you, nothing but gay cowboys eating pudding’
Nick: ‘Dude, don’t steal jokes form South Park, lame ass’
Over-text: ‘psst..these are trees..honest’

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