Gibbidy Goobiddy

Gibbidy Goobiddy

Well look at that! Joel can FINALLY understand ZJ! It only took him loosing his head!

Want to know a little about the art in this (and the last) y2cl? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway.

I penciled it several days before I finished it in illustrator. Why? I’m not sure. Once I sat down with it and did it, it only took me a few hours to complete this comic and the last one. I think sometimes I just really wish I could pencil the comic and have someone else do the illustrator part and then let me put it all together in photoshop. In a perfect world where I have staff.

In other news, Jon Anderson is working on a WONDERFUL surprise for y2cl#500 based on an idea I gave him. I assure you that each and everyone of you will be pleasantly surprised when it posts. That being said, after y2cl#500 we will be updating the comic Monday-Friday for 5 comics a week. How ’bout dem apples?

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