HBD Calvin At 27

HBD Calvin At 27

Well Calvin, another year another number taked onto your age. It’s a good thing your y2cl counterpart doesn’t age and always stays sexy! Not that you don’t or anything….just sayin’ is all….you know…you wanna get some drinks tonight? I’m buying…and I always put out after a date.

Seriously though, Happy birthday to you! And happy belated birthday to Talon and future BIRTH of Milo! Oh, and your house, for god sakes I can’t forget your awesome house!

↓ Transcript
Strip 460
Characters: Calvin, Talon
Setting: Calvin's living room (in real life)
Panel 1: Calvin sitting on couch singing to his son Talon.
Calvin: And I said to her, I said I was playing STAR WARS MONOPOLY!*
*: This is an inside joke, at 15 Calvin and I wrote a spoken word/scream song called Star Wars Monopoly.

BOTTOM-TEXT: As with every year (that I remember) today is the sexiest man alive, or at least in y2cl, birthday!

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