What? This comic is soooo NOT cut and pasted then slightly modified from other comcis! HOW DARE  YOU! DEM’S FIGHTIN’ WORDS MISTER!

Ok, so maybe it is. At least I modified them?

y2cl is kind of unique in the way that I can get away with that!

This comic is really just a way to try and end some on going storylines so they can be moved on. I know K-Bot just got stabbed through the head with a spear, but do you REALLY think that will stop an ULTIMATE NINJA like her? Yeah, probably but STILL! This is only the begening in a new storyline.

↓ Transcript
strip 458 - Sploosh
Characters: K-Bot, Bernard the Spring bot
setting: forest

Panel 1: close up of Bernard
Bernard: K-Bot! Larry want's me to present you with an offer!

Panel 2: K-Bot in ninja pose
K-Bot: I'm not interested in ANYTHING Larry has to offer, Bernard!

Panel 3: K-Bot getting a spear through the head
Bernard: Larry thought you would say that.

Bottom Text: What? A spear? Through K-Bots head? How will she recover from this? You will have to wait

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