Bloody Knife

Bloody Knife

I REALLY like the last panel in this one! Nick letting blood drip into his mouth.

Ok, things going on y2cl wise…

I’m working on the new book, which you can win a free copy of.

I’ve made a y2cl – Utawii post card, that you can buy for $2 each.

A lunch recipie of mine for the Chicken Bacon Sandwich of AWESOME! is up on Webcomics: What’s Cooking (hosted by TGT Webcomics).

I’m working on some subissions to the Wagon Webcomic Battle card game for y2cl to be included. Feel free to contact them to let them know you want y2cl included int he next deck!

Coming up soon you will see the return of Inanimate within the walls of y2cl here.

Also coming this month are three guest comics by the amazing DumBum from Minos The Minotaur.

Stay tuned! this month should be fun!

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