good movie, i enjoyed watching Jesus get beat for 2 and a half hours…

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↓ Transcript
Strip 45 (Passions)
Characters: Jesus, Roman soldiers
Setting: Roman Times
Panel 1: Jesus pulling his cross getting whipped
Over-Text: The Passion of Christ’
Roman Soldier: ‘MOVEIT JEW!!’
Panel 2: Jesus on the ground getting whipped.
Roman Soldier: ‘Get up!! Carry that cross JEW!!!!’
Panel 3: Jesus’s face upclose
Jesus: ‘You know guys, maybe if you stopped whipping me all the time I might be able to carry this cross with out falling all over the place like a fat kid on Christmas. When you all were whipping me with the spikes and shit, that wasn’t fun, and not it’s hard to walk. So ease up eh?
Panel 3: 2 Roman Soldiers looking at each other
Roman Soldier: ‘Oh for Christs sake’
Panel 4: Jesus looking at camera being whipped
Roman Soldier: ‘Jesus, just pick it up!’
Jesus: ‘It never ends folks, never!’

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