Chris Wants More Calvin

Chris Wants More Calvin

Oddly enough the background for this I drew a few years ago for a planned ‘y2cl 2 point oh!’ where I was going to re-start everything from the ground up. This involved a lot of work and I eventally scanned it. I was going to pre-render all the backgrounds to make the strips easier to make. Also I was going to make all the ‘parts’ like the couch and such it’s own element so I could easily move them around as well. I still might do this, and I have done this with this background. The onlything I need to do is fill up their bookshelves. Suvineers maybe? We shall see.

Jon anderson has some pretty awesome comics with Calvin in them coming up either next week or the week after, depending on one or two things that may or may not happen. I can tell you next week wil be a 5 comic week and so will the week following. Sadly this week I could only manage 3 comics.

However I plan to post a comic on Saturday and Sunday this week. They are outside the z2c storyline, hence the weekend posting. They are just fun little jabs I want to post, so I will.

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