Ear Or?

Ear Or?

At this point in the story, you really can’t tell if that’s going to be Larry’s ear and/or his penis!

I’m hoping it’s his penis, because that would mean SMT is a better Ninja then we thought.

Though poor Larry, he is already missing an arm and now an ear and possibly his man…erm Rabbit hood.

Strip 373 – Ear Or?
Characters: Syn, Larry, SMT
Setting: Forest Land of Shnea
Panel 1: Syn looking down the hole in her floor SMT leaping up all awesome like.
SMT: Larry! I have something for you!
Syn: SMT? A zombie like me? This is great!
Panel 2: Larry leaning against the wall, SMT looking down on him and the back of Syn’s head
SMT: Larry Larry Larry….
SMT: You thought your stupid Spring Bots could stop me? ME???
Larry: Well I hoped they could…
SMT: I’m a Ninja-Zombie thanks to you!
Larry: I’ll get you for making me bleed my own blood…
Syn: Is that his ear, or his penis? I’m confused…

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