ZJ Photoblog 2 Phlidelphia

ZJ Photoblog 2 Phlidelphia

Today we find another post to ZJ’s photoblog! And he is in Philadelphia on his way back home, or rather on his way back to his brother and sister. How long will Joel blog about his adventures? Probably until ZJ eats him.

So you know, the commentators on this blog are none other then InkSpot Comics own Dumbbum of Minos The Minotaur, Lumi from The Luminaries and Eric James of Anything At All Fame!!

Strip 372 – ZJ’s Photoblog#2 – Philidelphia!
Characters: Joel, Jesus
Setting: A weblog
Panel 1: the photoblog with a picture of Jesus leaping through the streets of Philidelphia. (photo my J Horsley III)
Joel (in blog): For some reason ZJ decided it would be a good idea to go see ‘RENT’ while we where in NYC. Fine fine I thought, get some culture and aids awareness while on this holy mission to do whatever it is ZJ is doing when he eats people and converts them to Zombism. Not sure if this is some sort of new religion, or if he is really just bored and likes to eat people.
Well during ‘RENT’, you know that part where all the dancing and singing happens, ZJ decides to leap on stage and start dancing a singing with them! I swear is was like something out of a bad movie! While he was dancing he kept eating cast members. The audience loved it! They thought it was all part of the show. He ended up eating 5 cast members before he go a stomach ache before we bolted out of there.
Every since then he has been dancing in the streets, as captured in the photo above. He hasn’t ate since the ‘RENT’ fiasco. Something about those actors and what was in their bodies just didn’t sit right with him. Maybe we are coming along onto a new ZJ…a kinder ZJ.
dumbbum(comment): You know what would have made the dancing ZJ version of RENT better? Some sweet Sailor Goat action!
Joel(comment): That it would have!
Lumi(comment): I’m not sure what to think about all this. If ZJ is eating cast members of RENT and now he wont eat…what was in them to cause this? He seemed to have such a healthy appetite before!
EricJames(comment):Probably the aids. I kid, I kid! (but really)
‘AIDS is a very serious topic and shouldn’t be joked about. But I find jokes are the cure and help with the healing, or getting through.’

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