Chocolate Mints

Chocolate Mints

This is a long old joke that I never told anyone. It has been sitting in the ‘use at a future date’ file for about a year. And here it is, in all it’s glory!

Come back tomorrow for a special Saturday post! The second part of this strip!

Strip 369 – Chocolate Mints
Characters: Nick, Garret, Kepa, Dylan
Setting: The living room
Panel 1: Garret standing up from the couch
Garret: Sorry guys, I got this part time Job I need to do
Panel 2: Garret with his hand is his pocket
Garret: Just need too…
Panel 3: Garret holding a mint can
Garret: Ahh, here they are
Panel 4: Garret in a power pose with his hand in the back of his pants.
Garret: And I just put them in my…
Panel 5: ad for new mints
AD: New ORGANIC chocolate mints!
AD: from the company that brought you organic Cherry Mints and Frightfully Fruitful Rainbow Mints!
AD: In stores now!
‘If this is how they make Chocolate mints..just imagine how they make the cherry ones…and I don’t even want to know how ‘Frightfully Fruitful Rainbow Mints are made…Not that I’m afraid of gay, I’m just afraid of ooze.

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