Effin Sid Meier And His Effin Civ IV

Effin Sid Meier And His Effin Civ IV

I do not have this problem as I do not play CIV IV, but it would appear that Jon does. Then again I have about as much time for video games as I do for extra marital activities. Does that analogy not work? Oh well.

Strip 355 – effin Sid Meier and his effin Civ IV
Artwork Jon Anderson
Characters: JN, Calvin, Steve
Setting: Hallway (text in the background is the same as the text in strip 356)
Panel 1: JN, Calvin and Steve staring at the Cheerleaders.
Box 1: the borders of your city have expanded.
You have discovered fishing.
Your city has created a shelter.
Box 2: Your city celebrates “Happy Despot Day”
Your shelter founds another city.
An enemy has been sited near you
Box 3: What technology would you like to develop next?
Gun powder?
Printing Press?
Panel 2: JN and Steven looking at Calvin, Steve holding his beer.
Box 1: Your city has created a monestary
While defending your knights killed a barbarian swordsman.
Ghengis Khan would like to trade Monotheism for fusion.
Stalin declares war on you.
Box 2: While defending one of your workers was destroyed by a Russian Cossak
You’re city has completed The Pyramids
Would you like to convert to communism?
You have found oil near your city!
Panel 3: Steve looking at JN smiling
Box 1: Augustus Ceaser declares war on Stalin
Box 2: Shaka would like to trade 1 sheep for one barrel of oil
Box 3: Isabella thinks you should just give her a bunch of money or she will declare war on you
Box 4: Someone else beat you to finishing the Hanging Gardens by 2 turns. You wasted all the time, but heres some money.
Box 5: Your city has created a knight, what would you like to do next?
Box 6: Fucking Barbarians have invaded and destroyed some more of your shit, someone else would something for free, did you realize it’s 1 in the morning and you have to work at 6?

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3 thoughts on “Effin Sid Meier And His Effin Civ IV

    • Patrick

      I agree with brad, it doesn’t hurt. It also wouldn’t hurt if every once in a while you’d let me plug a coetlorlnr into your back and we could play Super Housewife: Daddy’s Back. My favorite move is B-B-A-Turbo-Half-Circle + X. It’s a special move that you should only use when the enemy has a lot of dishes that need to be washed. This turns the heroic housewife into The Dishwasher and afterwards, her powers can be used to stain fight in the laundry room.