Jim Coaster

Jim Coaster

Oddly this is based on an actual conversation I overheard at a bar in Tacoma between my mother in law and one of her co-workers. He’s a nice guy, and I talk to him at times (even showed him this strip based on him) but the dude seriously wouldn’t shut the hell up about it. I felt bad for my mother in law.

Also you will notice that Jim and Karen are just COPY and PASTED out of older strips. I was lazy and it looks good SO EFF OFF.

I also didn’t ask Jon Anderson if I could use his art to make more strips. Then again, I don’t care to. He would have said yes.

And Jon, I swear if you read this then comment saying that you wouldn’t, I’ll take back my Ricky Martin CD.

Strip 351 – Jim coaster
Artwork: Jon Anderson/jhorsley3
Characters: Jim, Karen
Setting: Hallway
Panel 1: Jim looking at the camera talking
Jim: Back before I was a zombie , I dated this girl…well we slept together a lot but she would never tell anyone about me.
Panel 2: Karen looking confused
Karen: Uhm…Jim?
Panel 3: Jim talking to Karen with Karen trying to get away.
Jim: One minute she would be telling me that we have no future together
Karen: Jim…buddy?
Jim: Then soon enough enough she is sending me text messages about how she loves me and wants to take the Jim-Coaster for a ride
Karen: I don’t care Jim! Please! Stop!
Jim: And stop off for some sweet treats at the Jim-Deli and have desert at the Jim-Cream-Shop.
Panel 4: Jim’s face up close
Jim: I still have those text messages.
Jim: They are from a year ago.
Jim: wanna see?
‘This conversation took place JUST before Alberto turned Karen into the staff of his zombie MuMu. Gotta Love Jim.

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