Political Alternatives Part 1: Guns And Dope Party

For the next 2 months I am going to present to you, the readers of the world, Some Political Alternatives to just Republican and Democrat!

For years the main stream press only talks about these two main party lines, with the occasional mention of Liberals and Independents.

There has to be something better? Right? Well look no further! Every Thursday for the next 2 months (and maybe longer) I will bring to you a bonus y2cl comic strip that has a 100% honest to god Political Party that you can look into for an alternative to the blandness that is our generic two party system.

The first one I bring you is The Guns and Dope Party (click there for the wikipedia info on them). Want proof it’s real? Here is their official website!

And more proof, here is a small excerpt from Wikipedia about the party:

The Guns and Dope Party arose from the mind of fiction and non-fiction writer Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) in response to a request from his friends that he enter the California 2003 special mid-term recall election as a candidate for Governor. The party platform uses both satire and multi-layered political conviction in an effort to inject several alternative views into mainstream political thinking. Wilson, suffering with the physically debilitating effects of Post-polio syndrome, used medicinal marijuana to ease his pain, and wrote the party platform and other Guns and Dope Party musings from his bed in the last several years of his life. These views included advocacy for medicinal marijuana, as well as thoughts on voluntary taxation (citing 19th century legal philosopher Lysander Spooner), separation of religion from politics, and tactical use of the second and tenth amendment of the United States constitution. Wilson, while not exactly a proponent of gun use, used the premise of the second amendment to stress the importance of a citizenry’s right to protect itself against the abuses of its own government. The medicinal marijuana collective (WAMM) that supplied Wilson with his medicine was approved by state and city regulations (see California’s Proposition 215, also known as the 1996 Compassionate Use Act), but was in 2002 raided by the US Drug Enforcement Agency. In response to that raid and with the support of city and state government officials, organizers held a rally and medicinal marijuana give-away on the steps of Santa Cruz, California’s city hall. Wilson attended the event, and from his wheelchair gave the following remarks,

“The 10th Amendment says all powers not relegated to the federal government are reserved to the states or to the people. Nowhere does it say that a goddamn tsar will be in charge of my medical care and interfere between me and my doctor. If anybody in Philadelphia in the 18th Century had suggested putting something like that in the Constitution, they would have been considered a raving lunatic. This Constitution was not created to establish a tsarist tyranny, it was established to create a free society!”

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