Calvin Is Delicious

Calvin Is Delicious

Yet another masterpiece by the one, the only Jon Anderson! Jon tried a new format for y2cl with this strip…will it stick? Who knows! Not I! I know none of the strips I do will change format, mainly because I am WAY to comfortable with the format I use!

↓ Transcript
Strip 343 Calvin is delicious
Artwork: Jon Anderson
Characters: Calvin, JN, Steve
Panel 1: Calvin leaning out of the bathroom
Calvin: Hay, JN. Toilet says it's Jealous. It wants to see as much ass as you you!
Panel 2: JN upset in BG, Calvin cracking open a beer, Steve zooming past.
Panel 3: JN Shocked in BG, Calvin looking at Steve over his shoulder, Steve flirting with Calvin
Steve: Hellloooo! Well don't you look delicious!


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