I Just Want Me Some Brains

I Just Want Me Some Brains

Another wonderful (read terrible) hand drawn strip by yours truly. This week we follow the adventures of the Zombies in the Forest land of Shnea with Larry and Friends.

These strips where all pretty easy to create and I did them all at the same general time, which was like 2 weeks ago…so I don’t have much to say rather then I <3 zombies!

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Strip 339 � Just want Me some brains
Characters: Larry, SMT, K-Bot, Spring Bots
Setting: Forest Land of Shnea
Panel 1: SMT all zombiefied
SMT: brraaaaaaiiiinnnsss!
Panel 2: K-Bot looking over SMT trying to eat the Spring-Bots brains
K-Bot: S? You feeling ok?
SMT: I just want me some brains!
Panel 3: SMT leaping towards Larry, K-Bot in the BG
K-Bot: If it’s brains you want, Larry is probably not the best way to go!

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