Brains What

Brains What

The last page form Rick Bugbee. Man, what an amazing week for y2cl fans out there to finally get some detailed comic art!

Don’t worry! Next week we fall back into my crappy art and Jon’s art that looks like a cartoon!

Strip 332 – Brains what?
Artwork: Rick Bugbee Written: jhorsley3/Jon Anderson
Characters: Jesus
Setting: On an Airplane
Panel 1: Jesus looking our the window of a plan. Questionable guy in front of and behind him.
Stewardess: Sir, what would you like for your in flight meal? We have chi…
Zombie Jesus: brains (in Arabic)
Stewardess: What was that sir?
Zombie Jesus: brains (in Arabic)
Panel 2: Stewardess leaning over ZJ asking again
Stewardess: I’m Sorry sir, but what?
Zombie Jesus: brains? (in Arabic)
Panel 3: close up of Stewardess’s face
Stewardess: what?
Panel 4: close up of ZJ mad
Zombie Jesus: BRAINS!!!! (in Arabic)
Panel 5: ZJ bitting Stewardess in half
Stewardess: Wha….
‘And this is the final strip that the masterful Rick Bugbee did for y2cl concluding Jesus in his trip back to America. What’s next? So much more awesomeness then you can shake a stick at!’

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