Ben Gurion Lunch Special

Ben Gurion Lunch Special

Rick surprised me with this page. The visuals look AMAZING! This is by far my favorite page of the three that Rick drew up for y2cl/z2c.

Again Mr Jon Anderson had a hand it the plotting of this strip. Mr Anderson is way to clever for his own good.

So you know, Jesus is saying things in Arabic, and it is written in the transcript to this comic, but it is to bad you can’t read the transcript! well, can’t read it yet…I’m sure in the future at some point I will make them visible.

Strip 331 – z2c Ben Gurion Lunch Special
Artwork: Rick Bugbee
Characters: Jesus
Setting: Ben-Gurion International Airport, Airport City, Tel Aviv Israel
Panel one: outside shot of the airtport
Over-Text: Ben-Gurion International Airport, Airport City, Tel Aviv Israel
Panel Two: Zombie Jesus waling down hallway of airport. ‘Eat at Raddai’s’ poster on the wall. ‘Shaun of the Dead’ Poster taped over top of Raddai’s poster’
Zombie Jesus: ‘Man I need me some brains’ (in Arabic)
American #1(off camera): ‘Holy Crap! Is that? Is it?’
American #2(off camera): ‘and you thought we wouldn’t see any celebrities in Isreal! It’s Jesus man!’
Panel Three: Two American tourists pointing out Jesus in shock
both together: ‘Can we get your Autograph! HAHA!’
Panel Four: Zombie Jesus’s face up close, yelling
Zombie Jesus: ‘I want brains now!!’ (in Arabic)
Panel Five: Zombie Jesus eating the Americans whole
‘It’s amazing how quickly someone can lose their temper over being asked for a simple autograph…ahhh Celebrities these days, I swear!’

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