Ohhh just like in days past Jesus was the first one to get attacked by a zombie but he is not the first Zombie take on a classic y2cl character we meet! Enter ZOMBIE SMT! Nothing like a sexy ninja…with her jaw falling off and a craving for brains!

And look! the tree’s of Shnea finally have some BARK on them! It’s amazing what 5 years drawing the same shit will do to you.

Strip 329 – Woosh!
Characters: Larry, SMT, K-Bot, Spring Bot
Setting: The Forest Land of Shnea
Panel 1: Spring bot getting kicked in the face
Spring Bot: UUGGHHH!!!
Panel 2: Zombie SMT rising form a pile of Spring Bots
SMT: brraaaaaaiiiiiinnss
SMT: uugggghhhh
SMT: bbrraaaaaiiinnsss
Panel 3: Larry leaning in panel, K-bot spinning a boe staff and SMT looking for brains.
Larry: I thought I killed you two!
K-Bot: Killed? You can’t kill us! You merely wounded us!
SMT: bbrraaaaaaiiiinnsss!!!!
K-Bot: uhh..SMT? What’s up with the brains?
SMT: These stupid Spring Bots don’t have any! And I crave them!
Larry: That’s because they are robots you idiot ninja!

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