The Crisis Returns

The Crisis Returns

And with a swift kick in the ass Larry and his Spring Bots return to the y2cl forum! It’s been while since we have seen Larry in the strip…in fact the last time we saw him in y2cl was on earth day back in strip 277 (which was also the last strip posted on the old site and the first one posted on the new one)

This strip starts the THIRD sub/main story line for the z2c series, taking us back to The Forest Land of Shnea with Larry and Friends. All these Larry and friends strips get the good ol’ hand drawn treatment from me. Why did I decided to to the craziest of storylines? Cause I just love Larry so much!

Strip 328 – z2c The Crisis Returns
Characters: Larry, Spring Bot
Setting: The Forest Land of Shnea
Panel 1: backside of Larry sitting on his thrown, army of Spring Bots in front of him
Spring Bot: Sir, The Ninjas are back…
Larry: Sent out the spring bots and bring me their heads!
Over-Text: Just when you thought z2c could get no stranger, we go and take you to the land of Shnea to visit Larry and his Spring Bots. Who else will make a come back into z2c? Read more to find out!

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2 thoughts on “The Crisis Returns

  • Deth Invictus

    I don't think this webcomic actually can get any stranger – I've read enough strips to say that with confidence! 😛