New Years Pt2

New Years Pt2

Hello kiddies. Today marks the start of the New Years party in y2christ-lite, and the introduction of Calvin! The foe hawk wearing alcoholic. He is going to join the cast, and probably be a recurring character from time to time. He will be like the guy on the couch in Half Baked.

In other news, I’m getting drunk as shit tonight, I’ll let you know how that goes. I don’t drink often, so I’m a bit of a light-weight.

I think out new archives are up, or close to being up as well as character bio pages for all the recurring characters in y2christ, including the Jesus twins and Santa.

I think I’m gonna go work on rearranging my room clean sweep style, so that’s all for me.

Jesus and I Love you

The introduction of everyone’s favorite alcoholic Calvin! Interesting to note that when I was talking about adding him to the strip, he said he wanted a ‘faux hawk’ and I heard ‘tri-hawk’. So that explains why for the next 111 strips he has a stupid ‘tri-hawk’ and not a ‘faux hawk’. This strip sums up about every party (that wasn’t a LAN party) I went to with Calvin, everyone knew him and he ended up on my back.

To see the original strip click here

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