“Today’s strip is based on a conversation I had with a guy from England when I worked at Silverdale Antiques(i.e. the devil). The blokes name was Gavin, and he had come over from England because his father was the English partner to Debbie and Dennis(the owners of Silverdale Antiques) and he came over to visit America and work for the devil.

Well, he wanted to see New York, and he couldn’t fathom why he couldn’t just zip over there for the day and be back at 9:30am for work the next day. So this comic tells that tale.

In other news, I got an acoustic guitar and I am going to start playing hardcore songs acoustically, it will be great.

Wow, just now I inherited 10 bottles of hard alcohol. Not that I ever drink, but its nice to have it in case I want to. Now I can sip Jack, or Jim Bean, or gin and tonic, or 2 other types of whiskey. I even got 2 bottles of Sake. Haha, party at my place!

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