John And Kaylie Have A Baby#1

John And Kaylie Have A Baby#1

I am a jerk.  ASk anyone.  Especially, John.  He’s one of my best proponents of the title “Jerk”.  Infact, if there was a Facebook App called “Friends who think you are a jerk” John would be my number 1.

And he’d be vastly rght.  My opinions, no matter how humble and awesomely correct they are, don’t necessarily need to be expressed.  But I do it anyway.

Segueing now, when asked to do some filler strips whilst John supports his wife and new member of their cadre, I couldn’t help but leap anime-style at the opportunity.  I just demanded the caveat “You must publish these no matter what”.

As a disclaimer, all comics contained here within only resemble up to 90% accuracy

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