If you would like to buy a limited edition poster of the y2cl 1,000 comic above, it is $10 plus $3 shipping. Buy it right here!

Here are some stats that cover the last 1,000 comics.

That’s A LOT of flippin’ comics.

Jon Anderson had THIS to say about the poster, z2c and his time on y2cl:

… and I said to the bartender “that’s not a duck, that’s my boyfriend.” But seriously, comics are more than just punch lines; web-comics doubly so.

It was about two and half years ago now when I found the ad on craigslist looking for a contributing artist for a zombie apocalypse. I had gone to school for media arts and animation, and while I enjoyed drawing cartoonish figures, I had not really thought of illustration as a career or serious hobby direction. But it’s a zombie apocalypse. What’s cooler than that?

So I sketched up some serious cartoony and graphic novel style zombies, sent them over and effectively stepped onto the expanding road that was to be Z2C – Zombie 2 Christ.

My initial worked SUUUUCKED, but without any actual text to work with, I unwittingly wrote my own thinking that Mister Horsley could simple re-write if he didn’t like. However, it worked. And my sucky art skills didn’t matter so much, because I was a less sucky writer.

Over the next two years, my art got less sucky. Actually I’d say it got down right awesome-ish. I learned a lot about Adobe Illustrator, I learned a lot about the web comic process (both experimentally and from some of the big & talls of the industry), and I learned, most importantly, how to finish what I started.

Interestingly enough, because it isn’t really amazing or funny, but John and I didn’t actually meet in person until the Spring of 2010, a full 2 years after we had started. We’d talked on the phone, texted, and even spoken via podcast. It wasn’t actually until mid 2009 when we became Facebook friends that he realized that all my remarks about butt sex and offers to show my oral talents weren’t just jokes. That is, they weren’t just jokes about me being gay. I really am a big flaming homo. Well.. I am big.. and I am a homo. John says I’m only gay because I like dick. I’m not sure what other types of male gay there are, but I’m just glad he didn’t tie me up and kill me when I came to visit.

When John brought up the idea of a poster for comic 1000 I was both thrilled and intimidated. I knew that the size of the piece, there sheer importance of the number, and of course my ever expanding sense of pride demanded that I surpass anything I had done before.

Previous mile markers for John had all included many of the characters that had appeared previously. I was not super familiar with all the different comic characters, and neither did I really care to. That’s just how I roll. So, I knew I wanted at least the zombies I had created, I wanted to include some of the celebrities, and of course “the guys”.

The Heaven, Earth, and Hell imagery was actually inspired by my trip to Italy in the fall. I got to see the works of some of the masters’ works in person, and they just loved Heaven and Hell. With a couple of demons in the cast (and the fact that I was in love with my rendition of the Demon-Calvin), and 4 Jesuses (would that me Jesae?) and God, I knew I had an environment to work from. Everything else just started falling together after that. I started with a master sketch and then re-sketched in better detail the specific characters, and brought them all into the main scene. [A hint for Illustrator users when building a complex scene…. Turn off the compression option when you save. Memory is cheap. Sitting for an hour while your computer sweats and smokes to reduce a 150 MB file down to 10 MB is simply not worth it.] The 1000th comic poster is a piece of pride and glory for me. While there were more things I wanted to do, at a point I knew I’d just have to kick it out of the nest and let it fly. You can help it fly by ordering one today. The 1st hundred I will personally sign with a love note to you or a handsome single man between 30 to 40 years old in the Greater Pacific Northwest region that you may know or be related to.

And now, we pack up our pencils, laptops and +5 Personal Ion Cannons and make a leap forward into the future both story wise and technology wise as I attempt a new style of art that will hopefully maintain Y2CL Comics continue brand of eclecticism. Stay tuned.


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