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Well, it’s obvious this is the first strip I did for this, and the art is horrid. This strip is purely introductory, so it’s not funny at all, which I regret not making some sort of a joke about it. I take that back, there is a slight joke in here, in the original Y2christ comic that I was doing before I started this the very first page was similar to this, take a look at it here. If you happen to be thinking “Hey, I don’t remember this strip being in color! What the fuck man!” well, you are absolutely correct, it wasn’t originally in color, but I felt like doing a little more then just writing a commentary about the old strips, I felt like coloring them and fixing some of the blaring mistakes I made in my early days.

If you wish to see the original version, click here

↓ Transcript
Panel One-
Dylan: ‘Hi! Welcome to y2christ-lite, the not-so-daily web-comic inspired by a comic that isn’t printed yet, let alone written or drawn’

Panel Two-
Dylan: ‘You’ll notice some strange things here. First, these circles are glasses no eyes. And we all have mittens for hands, no fingers here.’

Panel Three-
Dylan: ‘And sometimes, sometimes the strip gets taken over by this guy’
‘Larry the Coked Out Bunny for no reason’

Panel Four-
Dylan: ‘This is the main cast, I’m Dylan. Good Luck! You will need it…’

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