y2chrst ComX Page 2 – The battle of epic misproportions

y2chrst ComX Page 2 – The battle of epic misproportions

I had high hopes for this page back when I drew it. I was going to start this epic battle that really showed the world my drawing skills.

Then I started drawing it and realized I don’t have those skills so I should just stick to fart jokes.

page 12 rough

Page 12 rough

↓ Transcript
Page 12
Panel 1: both still in front of stage, kepowie looks at y2christ
Kapowie: you, me, outside, now
Panel 2: y2christ from back ready stance, kapowie opposite, ready stance in parking lot, no people in sight
Kapowie: who are you?
Y2christ: y2christ, you must be Ka..
Panel 3: fist of Kapowie hitting y2christ, kapowies face in background, fist glowing
Panel 4
Dylan flat on back, then flipping up and spinning(use doted lines for stages)
Y2christ: now that was a cheese ball line, dick
Panel 5: y2christ’s face, no emotion
Y2christ: now that wasn’t very nice now was it?
Panel 6: behind y2christ, plasma blast out of right arm, left arm changing, kapowie taken back
Caption: neither hero knows why they are fighting, and neither cares. How long will this senseless carnage last? Not long


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