y2christ ComX Page 9 – Aftermath Talk

y2christ ComX Page 9 – Aftermath Talk

And now we find out a little bit about Dylan and Kepa. We know Kepa’s cousins are bad already, but now we know Kepa works for them!

And why is Kepa’s head so small in panel 2? Lazy artist.

↓ Transcript
Page 9
Panel 1: kepa sitting next to Dylan with ice pack on crotch
Kepa: that, was great my friend
Dylan: yeah….good thing kiam is gone for a while, I think I’m out of service
Kepa: I concur. You remember my cousin Antonio?
Panel 2: Dylans face surprised/scared, same view as panel 1
Dylan: yeah….What about him?
Kepa: he has me working for him now…
Dylan: cool, working for the mafia, good money
Panel 3: kepa/dylan’s face look attentive and certain
Sound: scream(female)
Caption: both Kepa and Dylan lead alternative lifestyles, kepa works for his cousin Antonio, but not in accounting, but as the costumed vigilante KAPOWIE
Panel 4: Kepa/Dylan look at each other
Kepa and Dylan: uhmm.. I gotta go
Caption: while Dylan fights crime in the nude as…


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