y2christ ComX Page 7 – Rinkypoo Cudliechops

y2christ ComX Page 7 – Rinkypoo Cudliechops

Oh Rinkypoo.

I wanted to do something different with the in game shit, like pencil works with shading.

I never did.

↓ Transcript
Panel1: inside EQ, Dylan/tim’s characters sitting down talking.
Rinkypoo: ki-cakes comes back in six months
Fezwin: I know
Panel 2: Rinkypoo stands up, one arm raised, Fezwin confused
Rinkypoo: I miss her voice, her touch
Fezwin: I know
Panel 3: Rinkypoo standing ala Horatio in Hamlet(alas poor Yorich, I knew him well)
Rinkypoo: alas, she is the ice in my soda, the cheese on my cheetos, the isp for my internet
Fezwin: Uhm….
Panel 4: ¾ view of Rinkypoo, monster behind him
Rinkypoo: oh, how I pine for her return to me
Fezwin: dude, uhm…
Panel 5: monster behind Rinkypoo about to kill him, rinkypoos face sappyv
Rinkypoo: She is my succulent cunt nectar, my moments of ju…
Panel 6: Dylan at computer, silent, tear
Dylan: fuck….my….ass….


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