y2christ ComX Page 21 – The Penultimate Climax

y2christ ComX Page 21 – The Penultimate Climax

So this is special. I spent all this time (like 4 months) working on y2christ ComX making layouts, notes, and writing the pages only to have this be the LAST page I wrote and never wrote the LAST PAGE to the FREAKING STORY.

Now I have to decide if I want to write the last page NOW, or just let this story sit without it’s LAST PAGE. Well, find out tomorrow if you want to know.

↓ Transcript
Page 21
Panel 1: Dylan laying on floor, pants down, exasperated, phone next to him, ringing
NOISE: ring
Panel 2-3: Dylan and SK on phones, break panels with phone line on phone
Dylan: you time, speak
SK(through phone): I need you to follow kimmerkimmy, find out where she goes, who she’s with. I think she might up o something.
Dylan: I don’t want to.
SK: remember you work for me now, we work together y2christ, you gave me the CHRIST PHONE! For crying out load.
Dylan: first off, the Christ phone was your idea, not mine and second, fuck it, fine Ill follow her if it will shut you up.
SK: thanks buddy
Dylan: blarg…..blag
Panel 4: CB pointing a gun at KP EIC freezing KP’s feet
KP: you don’t have to point that at me, it wont hurt me anyway
CB: aye, yu only speak when spoken to laddie, eh luv, you got him secured?
EIC: hes not going anywhere hunny buns, are you
KP well no, but I could
Panel 5: close up oh KP, scared look on face, looking down and to the right towards CB
KP: look, im here for business. My employer would like to negotiate with Miss Electro Ice for her to work for him for the attainment of his ultimate plan, what ever that means.
CB(off camera): luv?
Panel 6: wide shot of the EIC grinning
EIC: well then, if it money he’s offering, him and I will have to have a little chat. Inform him that I will meet him and his place tomorrow evening…I shall go alone darling, so you may stay and attend to your….business here. You, Kapowie, take this trinket to your boss as a token of good faith. Now off with you.


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