y2christ ComX Page 14 – The Agreement.

y2christ ComX Page 14 – The Agreement.

And this is the past page I ever roughed out for y2christ ComX.

The rest of the pages I wrote I’m going to use stand ins on so you can at least read the whole story.

It will be crappy, I promise.

↓ Transcript
Page 14
Panel 1: y2christ, special k sitting across in old style room in front of fire place(think Shakespeare)
Y2christ: ok, I’ll do it, but I don’t like it…
Special K: great…
Panel 2: siluette of y2christ and special k shaking hands, standing up
Caption: y2christ enters into a contract, a percentage deal with special k for protection against his arch rival, his kin, his brother, Antonio.
Panel 3: special k/y2christ walking into kitchen
Special K: drink?
Y2christ: oh, uhm, no thanks, I should be going.
Caption: and just like that, y2christ escapes his only flaw, Alcohol, let’s hope Antonio and Kepowie don’t find out about it…


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