y2christ ComX – Cover

y2christ ComX – Cover

It all starts here. Well, sort of. This is the original cover I did for what I thought was going to be the most amazing comic book series ever! Y2Chrsit ComX!

The cover was Dylan’s Super Hero alter ego, y2christ, fighting Frankenstein’s Monster. Not bad art, not bad me. BUT as you will see over the next few days that art quality does NOT stay up to par. I’ve tossed a little commentary on each page, but I will write more about them throughout the month down here in the description.

Look, I don’t claim this story to be any good or to make ANY sort of sense at all. I’m posting it for the 13th anniversary of y2cl’s first posting back in November of 2003. This whole month I will be posting extra pages showing some of the history of y2cl, starting with the original story.

Hopefully you enjoy this!

Here is the character list for the comic, feel free to reference this.

Y2christ com-x character list and Bio


  1. Alberto Tromannelli: overly fat man who doesn’t eat
  2. Antonio Akua*: leader of the Itallian Mob
  3. Biff Akua*: Special K’s right hand man
  4. Bop Akua*: Special K’s left hand man
  5. Colton Brown: weapons expert, pulls things out of thin air
  6. Dylan Armstrong*: main character
  7. Elecrto Ice Queen*: kimmerkimmy’s super villain alter ego.
  8. Fezwin: Tim’s Character in EQ
  9. Iokepa Ka niu lana mai Kahiki Akua*: strange guy in tiki mask you dont want to piss off, and used to get out of writing situations
  10. Jay Pastanzio*: special k’s flamboyantly gay mangina,
  11. jeff: local insomniac
  12. JN*: dylan’s friend
  13. Kapowie*: Super-Hero, works for Antonio(kepa’s secret identity)
  14. kat Akua*: the cat with kepas head that Dylan defiles in act 1, but later comes back
  15. kepa Akua*: the strange kid down the block
  16. Kiam: dylans girl
  17. Kimmerkimmy Pastanzio*: special k’s midget prostitute, but never called midget
  18. Naips Noj: Spanish guy
  19. Rinkypoo*: Dylan’s EQ character
  20. Sam Pees*: “bisexual bitches” member, friend of dylans
  21. Sarah Lavichra*: “bisexual bitches” member, friend of dylans
  22. Special K*: wheel chaired pimp
  23. tim: dylans EQ buddy, only seen from behind a monitor, only eyes shown
  24. Y2christ*: dylans super hero alter-ego, neked


Character Bios

Alberto Tromannelli

Really fat Italian playboy who never eats and always has at least 2 ladies on him.   Claims to be a virgin despite the fact the ladies are always on him.  Funny man who is way to into horror movies on the side.


Antonio Akua

Mob boss of the city.  controls Kepowie by mind control.  In the Auwa Family.  Sworn enemy to Special K.


Biff Akua

Special K’s Right hand man. In the Auwa family.


Bop Akua

Special K’s left hand man.  In The Auwa family.



Colton Brown

Kimmerkimmy’s husband, weapons expert to everyone, plays all sides.  Has the ability to pull whatever the person is look for out of thin air for no reason.



Dylan Armstrong

Main character in the y2christ universe.  Very timid and shows no emotion in his face at all, except when talking to Kiam.  Has no job, spends a lot of time playing Ever Quest with Tim.  Has an alter ego of y2christ.


Electro Ice Queen

Kimmerkimmy’s villainous alter ego.  Has the ability to blow electrical circuits and freeze pulse through left hand.



Tim’s EQ character.  Have tim draw a design for it.


Iokepa Ka niu lana mai Kahiki Akua

Strange and mysterious tiki god.  Used to get the writing out of a jam, serves no purpose besides that.  In the Auwa Family.


Jay Pastanzio

Special K’s overly homosexual male prostitute.  Brother to kimmerkimmy.  Used for comic relief.



Dylan’s close friend.  Used to help explain story elements.



Working man, local insomniac.  Never sleeps.  Makes a lot of jokes that only JN finds funny.



Kepa’s super-hero alter ego.  Works for the mob boss Antonio.  In the Auwa family(of course, he is Kepa).  Fights on the side of good, but is a sworn enemy to Y2CHRIST.


Kat Akua

Member of the group of friends, a cat with Kepa’s face.  Dies in first book, but comes back bandaged up later on. Only says “meouch”


Kepa Akua

One of the people in Dylan’s circle of friends.  In the Auwa family.  Alter ego is Kapowie.  Kepa is an odd kid, enjoy everything that others try and avoid, finds humor in everything strange.



Dylan’s woman.  Away on some trip, story always changes where she is at.  Boot camp, mission, helping starving children in Japan, whatever.  Never seen, just talked about and to on the phone.



Special K’s midget prostitute.  Never refered to as a midget in the book, every time it is referred to, kimmerkimmy gets pissed and represents foo.  Married to Corbon Brown.  Sister to Jay.  Alter ego is Electric Ice Woman(villain)


Niaps Noj

Spanish guy.



Dylans EQ character.  Have Dylan draw design.


Sam Pees

Leader of the “bisexual bitches” and friend to Dylan.  Always in beanie.  Always with Sarah Lavichra


Sarah Lavichra

second in command of the bisexual bitches and friend to Dylan through Sam.  Always with Sam Pees

Special K

The Cities leading pimp.  Runs around in a tricked out wheel chair, but really doesn’t need it since he can walk fine.  The control on his motorized wheel chair is shaped like a penis.  Sworn enemy to Antonio.  In the Auwa family.



Dylan’s EQ buddy.  Never seen full faced, always hidden behind a computer screen of some sorts.  Either CTX, Flat screen, PDA, lap top



Dylan’s super-hero alter ego.  Has no costume, so fights crime in the buff, but luckily he has no genitalia so he will not offend anyone.  Has the ability to shoot blue energy rays out of his right hand, and can on occasion produce wings out of his back to fly.  Origin unknown, to best knowledge, Dylan has had this power since birth.  Works for Special K




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