y2christ ComC Page 17 – The Uncomfortable Talk

y2christ ComC Page 17 – The Uncomfortable Talk

Fun side note to the whole y2christ ComX project is that I made everyone sign a likeness contract giving me the rights to use them in my comics and they couldn’t sue me.

I’m almost 100% certain that the contract, since it was kind of vague, never expires and I own the rights to their likeness for TV, Movies, Comics, Books…everything!

Now if one of them would just get famous so I could sell those rights to someone…

↓ Transcript
Page 17
Panel 1: Dylan and NIGHTFAG sitting on the couch, Dylan on opposite side from NIGHTFAG
Dylan: you’re not gonna try and..
NIGHTFAG: oh no love, it’s not like that
Dylan: then how is it?
NIGHTFAG: I’m just happy
Dylan: right
Panel 2: swap angels with panel 1
NIGHTFAG: hmmmm, I’m sensing something here
Dylan: what is it?
NIGHTFAG: you, you’re not who you appear to be, your Dylan, but your something else…
Dylan: right, I think I’ll be leaving now…
Panel 3: Dylan getting in van, NIGHTFAG reaching towards him
NIGHTFAG: don’t go! I could be your side kick! It will be great fun!
Dylan: uhm, hows about no?
NIGHTFAG: oh come on!!!!!
Panel 4: Dylan driving off, NIGHTFAG standing in gay pose, daylight coming he starts to change
NIGHTFAG: I will be his sidekick
NIGHTFAG: oh god….its happening
Panel 5: nick laying on ground just waking up
Nick: ugh…. What a night
Nick: time to go do nothing


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