Tochlight Lullaby Parody – That Noise

Earlier this year I put out a call to see if anyone would let me take their artwork and put new words over it. Ryan Fisher, who at the time I had no idea who he was, offered up 6 pages from his story Torchlight Lullaby.

He sent them over to me, then I sat on them for a few months because I did not know what to do with them. The art was awesome and I couldn’t decide what kind of story I wanted to tell with the 6 pages he sent me.

I think what I landed on is silly enough to be funny. It make me laugh, so hopefully it will make you laugh.

These next 6 posts will be my words over Ryan’s artwork. I did move panels around to fit my format, but I did not change the order of the panels. Only orientation and size to fit my template.

“But John, how can we show Ryan we appreciate him letting you butcher his story?”

Thanks for asking, that’s easy. Go buy Torchlight Lullaby.


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