To Catch a Naughty Boy

To Catch a Naughty Boy

Page 2 – Z2C: Format Changes

My first exposure to graphic design software was with PhotoShop 4.0 in 1999. In 2000 I managed to secure a copy of Illustrator, not really knowing anything about vector graphics, I completely failed in my attempts with the program. I was expecting something that is probably more like Corel Draw or Paint. Illustrator’s interface had only cursory similarities to PhotoShop and soon it was relegated to a Rubbermaid bin in my closet. In 2002, when I had finally decided to attend art college, I learned FreeHand. I liked it. I procured a copy and toyed around with it quite a bit over the years. In 2006, when I returned to college for my BFA I was required to learn Illustrator. It had evolved quite a bit over 6 years, and I was impressed with its new abilities and ultimately grateful for the exposure. I decided that I would rather work with Illustrator for the comic, because it gave me greater control over line and color, and eventually would help me reduce the amount of work I would have to do.

Story wise, this page was easy. I knew where it began and I knew where it would end. It was the middle parts that I wasn’t entirely certain about at first. I could no longer treat this like a mad lib or comics with blank conversation bubbles for J to just fill in. The imagery conveyed specific ideas, so I had to spend a lot of time hammering through the lines just to make sure they were just right.

As a master of obscure reference, I’m not entirely certain people always get me, let alone my humor, but I think the over all intention is clear.

↓ Transcript
Strip 302 – z2c To catch a naughty boy
Artist: Jon Anderson
Characters: Chris Hansen, Nick, JN
Setting: Kitchen
Panel 1: Chris coming in through the window
Chris: Welcome to another episode of To Catch a Naughty Boy!'
Panel 2: closeup of Chris
Chris: And nick, you have been a very naughty boy!
Panel 3: Nick in foreground JN in background
JN: Nick, I think your boy-friend has turned into a zombie
Nick: I don't have a boyfriend
Panel 4: Nick enraged, flames behind him
Nick: That's fucking Chris Hansen!
Panel 5: Nick picking up a butchers knife
Panel 6: Nick attacking Chris with knife
Nick: After 4 years of the military, all I wanted was a little T&A!
Nick: A blow job would have been great!
Nick: A hand job acceptable!
Nick: I would have settled for beating off after a lap dance!
Nick: I would have even paid for it!
Nick: What's wrong with that, Chris Hansen!
'Something tells me I might get sued by NBC


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